• [TUCANO woodpecker] brand has a high international reputation.

    Tianhui Group is an active explorer and pioneer in China's e-commerce O2O field.

    Daily benefits

    's products sell well in 72 countries around the world.


    TUCANO woodpecker

    77 animation


    Cheerstois an all-weather O2O business model shopping center built by companies under Qianse Group.


    more than 50 years, HiPP (Xibao) company has been committed to the harmonious development of man and nature.

    diversified comprehensive animation chain stores, covering more than 70 cities across the country.

    China's leading buffalo milk production and processing enterprise, it is praised as "the king of buffalo milk" in the industry ".

    design concept originates from the perfect combination of the latest European fashion elements and current fashion trends.


    China Snack Net is a website of Jiangsu Zhouqiu Information Technology Co., Ltd. Now it has become a large-scale snack website in China.

    China snack net

    Huangshi Dairy

  • is a high-level and high-quality western-style bakery built by Hualin Food with all its wisdom and strength.

    brand has a long history, has experienced decades of training and precipitation, and has been renewed for a long time, and has increasingly exudes unique charm.

    Xianyu Family

    the world's top hotel brands owned by Chinese and respected.


    Hami Hatton

    today's big big as the Chinese own KFC, McDonald's, Burger King! The pace of opening stores around the world has been launched.

    holds the concept of healthy, fresh and delicious desserts and is committed to providing the public with excellent quality desserts.

    West Tree Puff

    adhere to the country of origin procurement, professional supply system distribution, from the source to ensure that each food green, safe and healthy.


    Hao Da Da Da

    the tea of admiration and let love go.

    Zhou Heiya believes that delicious, hygienic and convenient products can bring greater fun and better experience to consumers.

    Zhou Heiya

    all these natural materials are the source of our inspiration.

    royalfea Imperial Tea

    MUTEA curtain tea

  • to improve the quality of human life through Internet services.

    China's first-class large-scale film group.

    China Film International Studios

    BMW Group is one of Germany's most successful car and motorcycle manufacturers.

    BMW China & BMW Brilliance

    Tencent Tencent

    really let the common people "only enter one door and do everything".

    build a new generation of shopping centers for children's amusement and family fun parent-child entertainment consumption.

    Anti-Fighting Paradise

    tarantula AULA brand is a professional e-sports game peripheral brand owned by Soai.

    tarantula electric competition hall

    Yulin Municipal Government Service Center