maternal and infant industry

your colleagues are using it.

the selection of 500,000 customers worldwide

Member Card

management secrets, double profits

using the McPale cash register system, you will have one-stop membership card, shopping card, sub-card

cards; member points and coupons shared throughout stores, online and offline; and exclusive

Maternal and infant storage function.

Mobile CRM

's epoch-making mobile precision marketing artifact

Maibaole Mobile CRM, your sales staff can manage customers anytime and anywhere through mobile phones and see

your sales ranking, membership information, etc., and timely arrange customer return visits and relationship maintenance. At the same time,

it allows your employees to share store goods to friends and other social platforms at any time, allowing more use

users buy your products online through mobile phones, so that every employee can help you promote them!

WeChat store

the store in the mobile phone,O2O is very simple

WeChat stores, move offline stores to mobile phones with one click; Up
Powder artifact, WeChat consumption, automatically pay attention to the public number; Members
Heart, online and offline unity, consumption automatic reminder.

my shop

put the store in your pocket.

McPale cash register system with cameras can exclusively support every document to be returned.
Put function, every transaction can be monitored; Mobile phones check sales, inventory, a goal

However, the order is directly placed in the warehouse and updated in real time.

System background

50 + kinds of reports, the top 500 enterprises can also use

a variety of business reports required by the built-in stores in the background of mabaole cloud, and jointly developed with the internationally renowned consulting company A.S.Louken, from
Single store to chain can be used to help you analyze business, chain management and make scientific decisions.

perform best?
Which period is the most popular?

Which product is explosive?
Which is more used, Alipay or WeChat?

Which members are the most active?
Which members are no longer coming?

How effective is the double 11 activity?
Is the full reduction effect good or the discount effect good?

System background

One system, a variety of store games.

Maibaole in 7 years, the precipitation of global 650,000 + customer big data, to create a multi-dimensional data analysis method, concise reports behind
Multiple complex calculations are both refined and sublimated. Every data of membership and marketing gives you insight into customers and plays with the market.

all-round view of member information, whether you have bought milk powder or diapers
Households; Customers who spent last month but have not yet spent this month; Next month will be around.
Birthday members; Multi-dimensional screening, master.

Maibaole has specially developed the "commodity heat map" function, you can quickly get from a large number of commodities.
Found hot-selling products, unsalable products, which can help you quickly create star single products, at the same time

Quick inventory promotion for unsold products.

Freight Flow and Supply Chain Management

ordering is no longer based on experience.

Maibaole cash register system can scan the code of mobile phone and store it in real time
Early warning. If you have multiple stores, you can implement inter-store based on inventory information.
Free transfer of goods, full automation. If your supplier also uses silver leopard, you
One-stop ordering, tracking cargo flow and settlement can be realized.

Open API

Open the API operation,
Easy access to your own system

Through the open API, you can easily access your own member system, mall system, etc.
To the silver leopard backstage, a system can manage your business, so there is no need to do
Large-scale data migration reduces the risk of data loss and disorder.