Billion Healthy Market
What do you stand out?

receipt shows nutritional content
Health is no longer empty

each receipt of yours can identify the nutritional content of each meal, the guest press
Choose a package for your own health plan and leave a receipt to help guests record more.
The intake of each meal can also bring you repeat customers.

this is a way to let customers
Addictive features

guests to bask in health, send friends, recommend each other and collect receipts......
You don't need to promote, you can automatically and spontaneously help you pull new retention, simply can't stop
Come on, from now on your store is at the top of the trend.

Utilization of Nutrient Component Bank
Easily Create Healthy Explosions

you can set the nutritional ingredients of each dish in the background of Yinbao Cloud, and
The daily intake helps you scientifically plan the nutritional content of each dish.
and market positioning.

professional background
Let the business by going up one flight of stairs

we use smart meal cards to represent different dishes
Customers directly pick up cards and order meals.
After selecting, take the meal card to the cashier to scan the code and place an order.
At the same time, the calorie number of the dish is reflected on the receipt.
Let customers know clearly about their calorie intake in this meal.