is not closed, but can be phased.

Maibaole Intelligent Inventory

the general trend, your colleagues are all taking action.

McPale Intelligent Inventory Advantage

commodity filing

You can directly file during inventory.

and synchronize the data to the cloud backend in real time.

Inventory of missing goods

in the "inventory of missing goods" process

Inventory of missing goods

corrected commodity quantity

Scan the code in the "inventory of missing goods" process.

or search to correct the quantity of goods in stock.

Mobile Smart Terminal

supports mobile phones or handheld terminals.


Data synchronization

During the inventory, the data is synchronized in real time.

Cloud backstage

is easy to operate

, just like you want to do it, and say goodbye.

tedious traditional inventory

Maibaole Intelligent Inventory
Maibaole intelligent inventory is committed to solving the inventory of various types of retail terminal stores.
is difficult, slow and tired.

's industry pain point is the integrated software and hardware solution developed by combining new smart phones/smart handheld terminal devices.

Multi-Person Inventory (Closed) Solution

multi-person inventory (closure) solution is applicable to small and medium-sized retail terminal stores with a quantity of about 5000 commodities, which need to be closed for inventory,

Multiple people can complete one-time inventory at the same time.

multi-person inventory (non-closure) solution

Multi-person inventory (non-closing) is suitable for large retail terminal stores with a large number of drinks in commodity categories, and supports inventory by commodity classification,

commodity categories that are not in the inventory status can still be sold normally, and the real "inventory while doing business".