store monitoring black technology, and then upgrade!

Exclusive support

The document playback function

1280 x960
High definition resolution

Wifi + Internet cable
All support

360 ° No Dead Angle
Monitor stores

24 hours
Continuous monitoring

Android and iOS

Rapid deployment
Xiao Bai can also pretend

Document playback,
Every cash register is monitored

select suspicious documents on my store app, which can be retrieved in real time.
The 60-second video recording during the receipt cashier, you can monitor the cashier from
A series of actions from scanning code, collecting money to closing cash box.

can even see the numbers on the screen.

1280 x 960 HD resolution, 360 lens without dead angle to monitor every corner of the store, built-in
12 optical lenses, the image quality reaches the professional level, and there is no small action in the store.
Law escaped surveillance.

1280 x960

360 degrees
Panoramic lens

12 yuan
Optical lens

double detection, anti-theft weapon

Intelligent activity detection algorithm to effectively identify active scenarios.

protection mode, as long as someone enters the detection range, an alarm will occur, and the corresponding alarm information will be pushed to your mobile phone and touched at the same time.

send photos and videos.

infrared night vision function, you can have a panoramic view at night.

military-grade infrared night vision function has a light supplement distance of up to 10 meters and can be seen at night. The switching system equipped with I C R filter uses different filters during the day and night. The optical system design for infrared correction automatically corrects infrared virtual focus to ensure clear images at night.

look at stores with mobile phones,
Play it back at any time and watch it if you want.

the seamless combination of the surveillance camera and the silver leopard cash register system, the mobile phone opens me
In addition, you can watch or replay store videos in real time.
Equipped with a memory card, you can also save the video locally and keep it yourself.
Stop privacy disclosure.

the network is not good and not afraid

camera adopts code stream adaptive technology, which can be used for high definition, standard definition,

Auto mode. In addition, dual connection of network cable and wifi is supported.

connection method, if the network is not good, the network cable will be directly connected, and if the network is good, the network will be adopted.

connect with wifi, the network is no longer your obstacle!

is suitable for many industries.