do you know? An unsatisfactory experience

will cause67%customers no longer patronize

worse, the average bad rating

will at least spread11individual...

5 simple steps
Building an Interactive Feedback Platform

Two-dimensional code built-in receipt
Consumer Sweep Code Comments

Evaluation Completed
Automatic push voucher

Feedback content
Notify the manager in real time

System background
View user evaluation report

based on store conditions
Custom questionnaire content

small ticket scan code comments
and convenient feedback method

Eliminate the opinion book, customers only need to scan the receipt QR code to enter the store
Line evaluation, with first-class feedback experience, let customers tell the truth, help you collect
Real feedback on one hand.

Real-time processing feedback

Manager WeChat receives real-time feedback

Once the customer submits feedback or the score is successful, the manager will receive the micro
It is known that you can interact with customers in the first place and even complete it immediately.
Crisis management.

coupon incentive

Let Customers Give More Positive Feedback

Now you can use coupons to encourage customer feedback.
Once the customer scans the code and comments on your store, the system will automatically push your settings.
Good coupons and vouchers are given to users, encouraging customers to evaluate and help you at the same time.
Win more than a repeat customer.

Self-rated items

collect your concerns

restaurant is not high, dining environment is good, service attitude is good, out
How to measure the speed of food? Now you can customize what you care about.
Question, let the customer make a star rating on the mobile phone.

evaluation statistics

the customer is not satisfied, use the data to speak

now, customer satisfaction is no longer an unquantifiable indicator. Your guest
Household comments, service reviews, can be queried and made in real time in the background of the system.
Analysis, help you make data decisions, improve performance.

restaurant feedback mode

Set the restaurant feedback QR code, which can be set on table cards, menus, and tables.
In places such as noodles, customers are encouraged to scan the code to evaluate the restaurant.

document feedback mode

The feedback QR code is printed at the bottom of the receipt to facilitate customer comments
According to, you can trace back to the customer's response to a specific order, a specific order
Feedback from waiters and cooks.