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Booking One Small Step Store Management One Big Step

the customer's mobile phone can make an online reservation according to the store technician's schedule at any time, and the staff have no working hours.
The gap boss has more time to think about the way of business, not miss every business, mention
High efficiency performance is easy to turn over.

feature label exclusive event pattern promotion

make your members more willing to stay in stores
Top-up consumption

Maibaole supports tag management members and formulates exclusive activities and students according to their consumption habits.
Japan, sub-card package, full reduction and other marketing settings, activities change the pattern to play,
No longer a recharge activity for many years, fresh activities are updated in real time, and customers feel that
It's a good deal, and you make a lot of money.

Member portrait analysis, accurate and timely push

All-round filtering and pushing
Direct access to the most needed customers

employees can check their member information, shopping cards, information and

consumption records. You can also customize conditions to easily filter out active members.

and diving members, push marketing information with one click.

Professional Purchase, Sale and Deposit Management System Daily Cosmetic Makeup is More Suitable

Easy Management of Massive Commodities

Whether it is a new store or a new product, Maibaole supports one-click import, which is very good from the beginning of filing.

is simple. Store purchase, transfer of goods throughout the electronic process, more inventory warning, inventory reporting loss,

Professional inventory management functions such as assembly and splitting. Of course, you don't need to worry about compatibility issues, open

the receipt machine, code scanning gun, cash box, bar code scale, printer, monitoring and other equipment required by the store

is compatible with you.

employee healthy competition reasonable commission

maibaole handheld marketing app
Employee management artifact

now, the boss can check the ranking and tribute of store salespeople in real time on his mobile phone.
There is no need to filter reports and calculations repeatedly, and the salesperson is on the phone.
Can check your sales, profits and commissions at any time, and can also share them at any time.
Shops, stores to your circle of friends, online orders will be automatically transferred to sales.
Staff performance, without additional online marketing costs, automatically and spontaneously grow your
Online business.

Which product is explosive?
Which is used more, Alipay or WeChat?

Which members are the most active?
Which members are no longer coming?

payment automatically pays attention to the public number powder rising artifact.
Store commodity membership information can be synchronized in real time

Boss Mobile Phone View Report Profit
Each cash register service is replayed and viewed at any time.
Member screening sends SMS at any time

The Maibaole cash register system also supports Apple Pay
Alipay, WeChat, Jingdong Wallet and Group Purchase Verification
Let you in one step, customer experience fly

Report Center

More than 50 dimensional reports to help you analyze and make decisions.

WeChat store

Automatically pay attention to members and synchronize consumption

my shop

Real-time mobile office control

mobile phone payment

There is no need to switch multiple payments