Maibaole self-service ordering machine

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self-service ordering
customers choose to place orders by themselves.

saves time and is fast.

electronic kitchen display

Docking orders for self-service ordering machines
No leakage, fast serving

automatic calling

Seamless synchronization
Notify in order, pick up meals quickly.

cutting-edge technology is not out of reach, as long as you want to improve
The silver leopard owned by the industry giants is for you!

has devoted itself to R & D and polishing dozens of software and hardware iterations in five years.

Improve Ordering Efficiency and Optimize Restaurant Process

Fast Food Giant Leads Self-help Mode

McDonald's and KFC have unanimously chosen to add "self-service ordering machines" to their stores in the past two years, with remarkable results.
Whether it's the speed of orders or customer meal satisfaction, the two giants are rising in revenue earnings at the same time.
Once again led the upgrade of fast food consumption patterns.

catering is fast and unbreakable.

self-service ordering machine is successful precisely because it fits the market.
China's mobile payment scenario is highly developed.
In the past, it was no longer difficult to rely on manual cash register.
So how can customers order faster and enjoy delicious food?
Is the problem that the fast food industry needs to solve

Self-service Ordering Customers Satisfy Business

the new catering era, self-service ordering machines have created comprehensive convenience.
For customers, the rush hour saves the queuing time to pick up meals quickly.
For shop assistants, meals are no longer in a hurry and are more efficient and orderly.
For bosses, sales rise, customers are satisfied and business is more prosperous.