Chain management and regional management
Multiple stores, light management

, you can use the background of mabaole cloud to view business reports and analyze students anytime and anywhere.

the situation, and carry out store member information management, reconciliation and order, etc. Needle

For large chain enterprises, you can also use the regional management function to divide and set permissions.

Regional headquarters, etc.

Enterprise-class purchase, sale and storage

million commodities, one-day filing

The Maibaole cash register system connects with professional commodity databases and supports mainstream commodity code scanning.

You do not need to start filing and entry from 0 to generate product information. Small and medium-sized supermarkets will finish on the 1st.

File the file. If you have multiple stores, you can copy the product information

Chain stores do not need to file and enter repeatedly.

Business Statement

special retail reports,


turnover increases month by month, but profits stand still? Through trend analysis and year-on-year ring
Compared with analysis, the problem can always be found. Often through a simple combination of goods, you can
To achieve the ideal level of profit, all this can be achieved in the background of Maibao Loyun. Maibao

, a well-known consulting company in the industry has developed and presented professional sales reports to you.

is available at different latitudes to help you analyze your business, conduct chain management, and be a scientist.


WeChat store

the store in the mobile phone, O2O step in place

Public Number works hard to update, but no one cares? Through the Maibaole management system, you can get through the store.
Member and WeChat Public Number Fan Data,
No need to go to the store, no physical membership card, your members or WeChat fans can query the balance of points through WeChat,
Even recharge shopping cards online.

Member Precision Marketing

Accurate CRM,
Help you find more customers

playing with member marketing, there is no need to envy CRM of large enterprises. Now you can set up the meeting
Staff points system, and according to different customers set up top-up gifts, full amount reduction and.
Cash-back activities have actually returned more funds. In addition, the McPale cash register system

can help you analyze diving members, set up SMS push with one click, and use the built-in system

is activated.

Mobile CRM

's epoch-making mobile marketing artifact

Maibaole Mobile CRM, your sales staff can manage through mobile phones anytime and anywhere.

customers, see their sales rankings, membership information, etc., and timely arrange customers

Return visit and relationship maintenance. At the same time, it allows your employees to share store vendors at any time.

products to social platforms such as friends circle, so that more users can buy you online through mobile phones.

products, really every employee can help you promote!

Freight Flow and Supply Chain Management

ordering is no longer based on experience.

Maibaole cash register system can scan the code of mobile phone into storage, and achieve real-time inventory and

Alert in real time. If you have multiple stores, you can implement the door based on inventory information.

the free transfer of goods between stores, the whole process is automated. If your supplier also uses silver leopard,
You can achieve one-stop ordering, tracking cargo flow and settlement.

Open API

Open the API operation,
Easy access to your own system

Through the open API, you can easily access your own member system and mall system.
Wait until Maibaole backstage, a system can manage your business, so there is no

Large-scale data migration is required to reduce the risk of data loss and disorder.