catering industry

your colleagues are using it.

the selection of 500,000 customers worldwide

Chain management and regional management
Multiple stores, light management

, you can use the background of mabaole cloud to view business reports and analyze students anytime and anywhere.

the situation, and carry out store member information management, reconciliation and order, etc. Needle

For large chain enterprises, you can also use the regional management function to divide and set permissions.

Regional headquarters, etc.

take-out management

Seamless docking of 3 delivery platforms

the front desk cash register is deeply integrated with the US group, hungry, Baidu take-out, you don't need to leave the department
System, the system can handle take-out orders, and directly interface with the kitchen system, no need
Holding the mobile phone, the front desk and back kitchen ran back and forth. Maibaole also provides exclusive customer service one-on-one

Docking the platform.

WeChat store

meal peak, no need to increase manpower

Maibaole Micro Store supports the "WeChat Self-service Ordering" function, customers only need to scan the desktop

QR code, or log on to Maibaoluwei store, you can order your own meal without waiting for it.

clerk is present. At the same time, the back kitchen can prepare meals according to the table number according to the contents of the order, and the whole process

automation! Help you achieve peak customer diversion and greatly reduce labor costs.

KDS Electronic Kitchen Display

Dishes on time, bid farewell to artificial errors and missed orders

restaurant is synchronized to the back kitchen display screen in real time, and the back kitchen can prepare meals according to the table number and service according to the order content.
Staff can also receive the notice of picking up dishes by mobile phone, and there will be no trouble caused by missing orders.
At the same time, front-line managers can see the real-time kitchen workload and meal preparation time on the screen, and managers can make real-time optimization arrangements.

Business Statement

Direct to the root cause of profit loss

Sales-Cost = Profit? When you find that profits are standing still, you should probably look at it.

Look at the loss. The Maibaole cash register system supports the management of dishes by raw material combination, and can

link vegetable consumption with raw materials to help you manage store costs from the source. At the same time,

you can measure it by using multiple dimensions such as the proportion of food sales and the proportion of taste sales.

the business situation, find out the unsalable dishes, and formulate the best-selling combination.

raw material management

more than one store, with the same taste.

modular combination of each dish through standardized recipes. Maibao Le Cashier System Branch

The dishes are managed according to the combination of raw materials.

The composition of the finished product, and mark the corresponding amount and unit to form a standardized menu.

should standardize the taste and cook according to the formula, so there is no need to worry about the multi-door store.

tastes different.

supply chain management

smart orders,
First predict the consumption of raw materials

uses the McPale supply chain management function to link food consumption with raw materials,

you can directly predict inventory consumption and place orders in a timely manner. And when you have many doors

stores or multiple suppliers, the McPale cash register system can directly handle inter-store

transfer and supplier distribution, according to the inventory warning can achieve one-click order, more

holds the central kitchen mode of chain enterprises!

Member Precision Marketing

Accurate CRM,
Help you find more customers

playing with member marketing, there is no need to envy CRM of large enterprises. Now you can set up the meeting
Staff points system, and according to different customers set up top-up gifts, full amount reduction and.
Cash-back activities have actually returned more funds. In addition, the McPale cash register system

can help you analyze diving members, set up SMS push with one click, and use the built-in system

is activated.

Open API

Open the API operation,
Easy access to your own system

Through the open API, you can easily access your own member system and mall system.
Wait until Maibaole backstage, a system can manage your business, so there is no need to do it.

Large-scale data migration to reduce the risk of data loss and confusion.