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Bathing Foster Cell Phone Appointment

so that the manager will not miss the information,
And miss the customer

parents can use their mobile phones to directly check when they can send their children to take a bath,
Foster appointment can also mark the pet's daily living habits, the store manager never again
Don't worry about missing out on business because of missing WeChat and phone calls from parents consulting.

System background

50 + kinds of reports, the top 500 enterprises can also use

a variety of business reports required by the built-in stores in the background of mabaole cloud, and jointly developed with the internationally renowned consulting company A.S.Louken, from
Single store to chain can be used to help you analyze business, chain management and make scientific decisions.

stored value cards, shopping cards, sub-cards

makes members more willing to store value in stores

Whether you specify consumer goods for the amount of recharge and gift, or set up sub-cards
Consumption time cycle, can let you have more work under the condition of protecting profits.
Move the space to attract members to recharge.

Periodic consumption is automatically reminded

let parents no longer forget deworming and vaccines

You can automatically set a reminder cycle in the system for items that are consumed periodically,
The system will automatically send reminder messages to parents who have not spent the time, effectively improving
Store turnover.

perform best?
Which period is the most popular?

Which product is explosive?
Which is more used, Alipay or WeChat?

Which members are the most active?
Which members are no longer coming?

How effective is the double 11 activity?
Is the full reduction effect good or the discount effect good?

Mobile Store Chain Management

makes it easier to open branches.

matching mobile management software allows you to spend your time more expensive than watching stores.
Value of business development, product data copy, marketing activities unified custom sending, will.
Unified management of personnel makes chain operation simpler.

ecological cash register

Store Scenes in Pet Industry

Maibaole is not only a cash register system, but also an exclusive commercial ecosystem for pet operators.

let your pet store have a more scientific management plan and a more ecological and sustainable development.